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Welcome to Cognitive Sykologee

The idea for this website came about during my doctoral studies in cognitive psychology at Florida State University. It was initially conceived as a means to augment my ever-so-human memory for the overwhelmingly copious amounts of information that I was encountering. All to soon, I was reminded of how ever-so-human was my laziness and it soon became an idea much like the hams dangled above the noses of *famous painter's* *word for baby angels* in *famous painting name*. Lately, I've been reading the autobiography of the prodigiously industrious Benjamin Franklin and I suppose that I have been inspired to pursue a little-by-little philosophy, whereby I might, over time, accrue my efforts to achieve the goal, or approach it, as it were, of emulating our esteemed Mr. Franklin's legacy. Already, I can see that my writing, verbose as it is, has been influenced by the pages he left to his posterity. His apparent arrogance, notwithstanding, he was a confident man that did achieve a great number of honorable and notable accomplishments, whose example might benefit myself and others alike.

Thus, I return to the idea of documenting my knowledge in the cloud so that it may be retrievable by myself, and perhaps others, virtually any where that there be a wifi hotspot or cell service. No doubt Franklin would be mesmerized and, given that he was a printer by trade, appreciate the medium of communication and the great repositories of knowledge that the internets have precipitated. If you are reading this then please allow me to indulge myself in the convolutions of my writing style, which I find to be, at times, flowery, but more often an attempt at precision at the cost of verbosity, and, as my first year college English teacher would say, and extreme over use of commas.

As I alluded to previously, it turns out that designing an esthetically pleasing and functional website is a non-trivial task that will, no doubt, require multiple revisions and ample trial and error. And as I am a jack of many trades and master of none, these pages will be a compendium avast in variety, or so I would like to think. That is to say, the focus of the site will likely stray from the topic inherit to its name to those that I deem related, however tangential it may appear to others.